BI Nutraceuticals is a solutions-based botanical manufacturer, custom contract manufacturer, and supplier to the Dietary Supplement, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, and Pet Care Industries. We are the leading manufacturer of whole herb powders and teas, standardized and drug ratio extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, custom blends, drum-to-hopper (D-T-H) formulations, and granular ingredients.

BI Nutraceuticals is committed to providing top-quality ingredients, starting even before the raw material comes through the door with our in-depth industry knowledge and distinguished vendor qualification program. The moment we receive the material it undergoes BI's Protexx HP™ Green Steam™ sterilization, our patented high pressure, low moisture steam sterilization process, and a complete array of tests including Identilok®, our proprietary Species Genus identificaiton technology. The result is a product that meets a quality standard above all others. Quality is our competitive differentiator and the single most important ingredient we sell.

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