BI's water soluble extracts are all natural extractives from botanicals that provide antioxidant activity, energy, and other functional benefits to beverage applications
- a great way to set your finished product apart from the rest.

Acai P.E. 4:1
Acerola P.E. 4:1
Blueberry P.E. 5:1
Cinnamon P.E. 4:1
Eleuthero Root P.E.
Ginger Root P.E. 4:1 6% Volatile Oil
Ginkgo P.E. 24/6
Ginseng Panax P.E.
Green Tea P.E. 50% and 80% Caffeine
Green Tea P.E. 15% EGCG 8% Caffeine
Green Tea P.E. 45% EGCG 98% Polyphenols 75% Catechins
Green Tea P.E. 15% Polyphenols
Guarana P.E. 12% Caffeine
Guayusa P.E.
Grapeseed P.E. 95% OPC
Kola Nut P.E. 10% Caffeine
Pomegranate P.E. 3:1
Tamarind P.E.
Yerba Mate P.E. 4:1

Our product list is always growing. If you don't see what you're looking for here, please contact us.