KEY CONTACTS - Asia Pacific

For more than 35 years BI Nutraceuticals has been working with qualified Asian suppliers to provide our customers worldwide with a full range of nutritional botanical ingredients. Our suppliers in Asia must meet not only our strict product quality standards, but must pass our rigorous audit process before they can even be considered as a qualified supplier. If you are looking for a quality based nutritional product out of Asia, and want only the best quality, we are your source.

But we are not just another supplier in Asia; we are a manufacturer. Based in Suzhou, China, ZGNI Bio Products produces the Asian line of our Protexx HP Green Steam products. This facility is Halal and Kosher certified and can provide customers with a full line of herbal powders as well as milling and sterilization solutions.

BI Nutraceuticals Asia Pacific
No. 2 Mechanical Workshop Export Processing Zone
High & New Tech Industrial Development Zone
Suzhou 215151
Phone: +0086-139-0149-5887

Key Contacts

Name Title E-mail Address
Phone Number
George Pontiakos President/CEO (310) 669-2158
Shi Haifeng

Manager of Asian Operations +0086-139-0149-5887