BI Nutraceuticals received organic certification for its manufacturing facility in Long Beach, CA and Islandia, NY from Quality Assurance International (QAI). Organic certification from QAI allows BI to manufacture and distribute certified organic products to the dietary supplement, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Additionally, our innovative steam sanitization process was also certified. The novel process reduces microbiological load with results equal to that of ethylene oxide and irradiation without the regulatory issues associated with those alternatives.

Organic certification, along with our sanitization process and lab testing equipment for pesticide (GCMS) and heavy metals analysis (ICPMS), provides BI customers a truly unique product offering.

The organic certification verification process documents the authenticity of organic farming and various subsequent levels of handling, and is mandatory under the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) and full implementation of the National Organic Program (NOP) Final Rule. This rule requires certification of all products labeled as organic in the United States.

Since 1989, QAI has been providing the highest level of organic certification service to its growing number of clients. Currently, QAI offers organic certification under the National Organic Program for Producers, Processors, Private Labelers, Distributors, Retailers, Restaurants, Wild Crop Harvesters, Greenhouse, Mushrooms and Facilities. QAI also offers Source Certification for Bottled Water Products under Codex Alimentarius standards, and Fiber Certification under the American Organic Standards. For more information visit