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Because we source from all around the globe, we maintain relationships with hundreds of sources in dozens of countries. But our most important relationship is with you. Our commitment is to deliver as promised, and to serve you with the competency and courtesy you would expect of the natural leader. Contact us today to discuss the details of your next project.

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BI Sales Office

2384 E Pacifica Place
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220-6214

Phone: (310) 669-2100
Fax: (310) 669-2198
E-mail for United States:
E-mail for International:

United States

Regional Sales Managers

NameSales TerritoryE-mail AddressPhone Number
Julie BatesWest 669-2185
Betsy 669-2187
Carolyn 669-2188
Lauren CiminoEast 669-2184

Customer Service Representatives

NameSales TerritoryE-mail AddressPhone Number
Leah BlakeWest 669-2136
Julie 669-2109
Hannah 669-2133
Loi TrinhEast 669-2108


To further expand our business globally, BI has partnered with leading Canadian-based distributor Brenntag Food & Nutrition. Brenntag Food & Nutrition, part of the Brenntag Group, is a leading provider of food ingredients to the marketplaces around the globe. In Canada, the company offers supply chain management, logistics services, high level of product application and handling assistance from coast to coast, and most significantly, a commitment to quality that aligns with BI’s.

Brenntag Canada Inc.: Exclusive Distributor of Canada
43 Jutland Road
Toronto, ON M8Z 2G6

Contact: Joanna Barker


Phone: (310) 669-2100

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