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In 1930, Martin Bauer was born on the foundation of manufacturing quality plant-based ingredients for the Dietary Supplement, Food & Beverage, Personal Care, and Pet Care Industries – and has held that mission since. Over the decades, we have provided high quality raw materials that have fueled the natural product industry’s growth from a small specialty market to a multibillion dollar international market. Building up our extensive manufacturing capabilities to include extraction and particle engineering as well as a product portfolio of over 400 ingredients, Martin Bauer is able to provide you with the ingredients that meet your needs. Our wide-ranging selection includes whole food powders, water-soluble extracts, custom blends, vitamin mineral premixes, granulations, other specialty processes, and custom ingredients to solve  your toughest challenges.

Backed by 90 years of experience, Martin Bauer has a unique understanding of the most pressing challenges impacting the industry and pride ourselves in being one step ahead of market trends, manufacturing technologies, and most importantly, quality advancements. In 1996, Martin Bauer developed Identilok® program, an orthogonal (macroscopy, microscopy, sensory, HPTLC, HPLC) trade-marked ID testing program which is the program the Dietary Supplement GMP’s section on species identification is based on. Identilok® was and still is the most advanced and comprehensive authentication program, utilizing the latest technologies; most recently, DNA verification. In 2002, we developed Protexx HP® Green Steam™ sterilization long before the elimination of Ethylene Oxide and irradiation techniques by the Federal Drug Administration. As the original promoter of kill step validation in the industry, Protexx HP® Green Steam™ sterilization became the industry’s first species-specific organic sterilization method with a validated kill step.

This forward thinking, along with our state-of-the-art quality lab, extensive manufacturing capabilities, and dedicated team of experts, results in a resource for our customers unparalleled in the natural products industry. With our mission the same as it was 90 years ago, Martin Bauer continues to develop the high quality products and innovative technologies our customers need to improve their processes today in order to offer the products of tomorrow.

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