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Martin Bauer is committed to enhancing your business by expanding our capabilities. Throughout our 90 years, Martin Bauer has built up more than 20 manufacturing sites  and sales units worldwide – 6 being in the U.S. – and a team of industry leaders. This allows us to supply unique ingredients and solutions to your hardest production problems. From custom ingredients to drum-to-hopper blends, Martin Bauer is the one stop shop for expertise, professionalism, and quality. Martin Bauer is more than just a supplier. We are a full-service, value-added manufacturer.



With several different types of mills of varying sizes, Martin Bauer is able to deliver a broad range of particle sizes to suit any product form.



With both high shear and low shear capabilities and over 400 ingredients, Martin Bauer is well-equipped to provide any combination to your specifications. Our in-house formulation experts guarantee homogenous dispersion, shelf life, and potency protection.



We offer all types of extracts, from ratio to standardized and oil to water soluble. Our extraction experts can help custom develop unique extracts for your specific needs. They are able to accentuate flavor driving compounds or minimize them, while maintaining efficacious marker compounds.



With major granulation capabilities – roller compaction, wet granulation – and the only organic certified granulation facility, Martin Bauer is able to enhance the physical properties of a wide variety of ingredients. Our granulations adjust density and particle size to enhance flow, solubility, compressibility, and content uniformity.


Contract Milling, Blending, and Sterilization

Whether it is capacity or capability that is hindering your production, Martin Bauer is here to get it going. In addition to contract milling, blending, and steam sterilization in SQF, Organic, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Halal certified facilities, we offer solutions to your problems. With 90 years of experience, Martin Bauer can assist in the development and improvement of your product.

More information about Martin Bauer’s manufacturing capabilities is just a click away.

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