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Natural products are challenging. Changes in rainfall, crop availability, and the variability of microorganisms in different geographic regions make it difficult for others to consistently provide quality product. This is where Martin Bauer steps in with our proprietary dry steam sterilization process. Introduced in 2002, Protexx HP® Green Steam™ delivers results comparable to that of treatments with ethylene oxide or irradiation – except Protexx HP® Green Steam™ is a clean label, environmentally friendly process. 19 years and 5 steam systems later, Martin Bauer remains the industry leader.

Martin Bauer’s Protexx HP® Green Steam™ Sterilization

  • No chemicals used – No residual leftovers, no potential regulatory issues, and no additional label declaration requirements
  • 40+ settings – Controls heat, moisture, time, and pressure parameters
  • Species-specific – Provides maximum reduction in potential contaminants while preserving the color, flavor, and bioactive components
  • Validated Kill Step – Fine-tuned more than 400 product-specific, validated protocols
  • Organic Certified – 1st certified organic steam sterilization method in the industry
  • USP Validated – Only steam unit in the industry validated using the USP method, toughest degree of testing in the market

More information about Martin Bauer’s Protexx HP® Green Steam™ Sterilization is just a click away.

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