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Crops for natural products are tight, and there’s an escalation of price across almost every domain, says BI Chief (via

At the 2013 SupplySide West, Pontiakos addressed the issues of tightening crop supply and price escalation with Daniells...

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FI How-To Series: How do you ensure your botanical ingredients are not adulterated? (via New Hope Network)

At the 2013 NBJ Summit, Pontiakos revealed the key points to consider when solving the problem of adulteration…

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BI Chief: I don’t think we’ll see government mandated GMO labeling; It’s a marketing issue. (via

At the 2013 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, Pontiakos was interviewed by Daniells, where the popular topic…

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‘The industry is recognizing that spending good dollars gets you good products’: BI Chief on GMPs, adulteration, and the Dr Oz effect (via

During a tour of BI's Particle Engineering Facility in Islandia, NY, Daniells spoke with Pontiakos on a multitude…

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